Tile Server

Windows Desktop Application

High-performance map tile server for cached and dynamic tiles and static GIS data and saving published maps.

Advanced Capabilities provides vector tiles to raster tiles and tile group blending/merging of tile layers into one endpoint.  Full Searchable/Queryable API and Transactional Editing

The Perfect Solution for:

Edge of Battlefield

Emergency Operations/Incident Command Center

Serving data to a secure within firewall On-Premises Environment

Data Distribution Server & COP – Common Operating Picture Map Dashboard

Powerful Flexible Tile Server (from MBTILES) (Serves XYY or WMTS URLs)

Tile server windows

Serves local cached map tiles from MBTILES & GPKG GeoPackages

Native Windows App
Easy to install and Manage
Rapidly Configure data serving, Not restricted to one folder for data you can use any folder that Windows can access.

Serves Map Tiles from MBTILES (any data in the tile_data blob) & GPKG GeoPackage

Serves OGC API Features & Dynamic Vector Tiles
Serves Static GIS Files
Serves COG GeoTIFF

Delivers Map Tiles as OGC WMTS, OGC API Tiles XYZ or OSGeo TMS with tileset.xml

Getcapabilities.xml is provided for /WMTS URL

Tile.JSON are provided

Serve Static GIS Files as URLs to Map Clients


 🗸 GeoJSON

 🗸 GPX

 🗸 CSV





Tile server windows

Tile Group (Blending/merging/compositing)

Build Topo /Terrain Style
Build Satellite Hybrid
Other Custom

Tile server windows

Tile Caching for Vector to Raster and Tile Group

 optionally create a cache of OSM Vector Tiles for your area of interest/operation to speed up the deliver of data.  You can create multiple tile caches and you can delete them or turn on/off as required.

Database Driven Map Rendering

Connect Tile Server to your postgreSQL PostGIS Database Connection and offer:

  • Dynamic PBF/MVT Vector Tiles with CQL Filtering

  • Dynamic PNG Raster Tiles with CQL Filtering

  • OGC API Features (returns html, JSON, GeoJSON) Full Searchable API with CQL Filtering (output to KML as option too)

  • OGR FDW- Foreign Data Wrapper Postgres can enable connection to  local GIS Vector Formats

    (Shapefiles, GPKG Vector Features, KML, GeoJSON, GeoParquet, ESRI FileGDB, MapInfo and others)

  • Transactional Editing of GPKG Vector features and PostGIS database tables

Load Geospatial data into PostGIS

Easily Configure to run as a Windows Service

Easily configure IP address and port to use

Configure an optional domain and SSL Certificate

Monitor a folder and automatically load new data


Pair with Offline Map Data Generator app to create an MBTILES Tile Cache from these dynamic map tiles for a bbox and minzoom and maxzoom

Pair with Tile Utilities to clip to an area of interest

Pair with Vector To Raster  to create MBTILES from the dynamic vector tiles


Easy integration /atak zip file or individual tile.xml URL’s

Rapidly serve data to ATAK and WINTAK EUD via Tile Server Windows.

We’ve created the ability to import a zip file of tile.xml of all the tile layers ready to go.


ATAK endpoint + tile.xml for ATAK and WINTAK

Serves Pre-Cached Map Tiles in MBTILES & GPKG

🗸 Serves Raster Tiles – PNG, JPG, WebP
🗸  Serves Vector Tiles – PBF
🗸  Serves Elevation/Terrain Tiles (RGB   Encoded PNG)
🗸Other – TIF, Terrain Quantized Mesh, LERC2, Other)

Delivers dynamic PNG Raster tiles from OSM Vector Tiles and can be cached

  • This can operate on a laptop or Windows Server. Can deliver data on premises within firewall or for adhoc emergencies and incidents (mobile command center). 
  • Works with OSM Vector Tiles and rasterizes them to different stylesheets (compatibility with Tech Maven Geospatial data and OpenMapTiles/MapTilerData)
    • Supports Caching (building raster tiles) of an area of interest and zoom level range for speeding up performance of the Vector to Raster and Tile Group
    • Tile Group – Blend/Merge multiple tile layers
    • Tile Group – Build Satellite Hybrid Tiles
    • Tile Group – Build Topo/Terrain Tiles with hillshade and contour lines
    • Tile Group – Add your own overlays to the predefined styles
  • Compatibility with ATAK/WINTAK/iTAK Appps with tile.xml for rapidly configuring tile layers  /atak zip file (that includes all the tilexml fles for users to load into their app)

 f Tile Server Windows 

Edge and Data Distribution Server

Edge and Data Distribution Server (ability to download source mbtiles and source static files)

Endpoint with JSON response /data_distribution

machine readable JSON for easy integration into your application

or use Discover web page to download source files and MBTILES.  

Discover web page 


Users open this page on their EUD – End User Device in their web browser
to get access to all the URLs

Tile Server Windows

Tile Extents

Show the Coverage of the Data Loading into the Tile Server

Coverage of the tiles you’ve loaded as a GeoJSON Polygon

This is an example to showing QGIS Desktop Application

Tile server windows

Vector tile to Raster tiles
for OSM vector tiles

Select a pre-configured styles (compatible with OpenMapTiles/MapTilerData Stylesheets and data generated by Tech Maven Geospatial) or load your own styles up to 5

Now map clients /apps that may not have supported PBF Vector Tiles can consume data.

The other advantage is that OSM Vector Tiles for the world is about 85GB versus 600TB for raster

Tile Server Windows


Works with multiple network adapters and shows all IPV4 IP Addresses and allows Users can select an IP address and port to use. Configure HTTPS secure connection by loading a PFX Certificate and also able to configure a domain name.

Runs as a Windows Service so if VM or physical machine restarts the tile server will start up automatically.

Settings also controls monitoring folder for automatically loading MBTILES

  • Easy to install (windows application no need to run docker or python or nodejs or configure webserver)

  • Easy to Load Data – individually browse to tile/files or via text file for bulk loading.

  • Optionally Enable loading automatically via monitored folder (any MBTILES placed in this folder/directory will be added to tile server)
  • Ease of Integration with its built-in API Endpoints with JSON 

  • Visualize the Extends/Coverages of your data with /GeoJSON Endpoint that delivers a GeoJSON Polygon of all the tile layer coverage

  • Optionally, Automatically restart gracefully and ensure endpoints are available after a computer restart without having to be logged into that profile.

  • Includes QR Codes on the main screen and Discover web page

  • Rapidly stand up a Common Operating Picture Map with the included maps that let you configure them with JSON Catalog and serve catalog

Serve DTED DEM Data (dt1, dt2, dt3) as URL

Perfect for ATAK, WINTAK and other mapping apps that use this digital elevation format

Tile Server provides friendly web page to get all the URL’s and machine-readable API endpoints

GPKG- GeoPackage raster tiles (3857) can be supported via first converting to MBtiles with the Tile Utilities App

Esri TPK & TPKX can be supported via first converting to MBtiles with the tile Tile Utilities App 

We produce on a monthly basis OSM-OpenStreetMap vector tiles MBtiles that are compatible with this app. The file size is about 100Gb for worldwide data (every road, building, land use, point of interest, place, etc) and the styles loaded into this app are compatible.


Quickly find and share urls with our QR code capability

Portable Tile Server iOS and Android also Available

Tech Maven Geospatial

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